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How does the Back Bubble™ work?

When you stand or sit, your upper body weight compresses your spine putting pressure on injuries and delicate nerves. This pressure can cause severe pain in the lower back and/ or legs.

When you hang on the Back Bubble™, your lower body weight immediately decompresses your spine, taking the pressure off and relieving the pain. With your lower now back relaxed and decompressed, an increased flow of fluids pushes out the inflammation and brings in healing oxygen providing immediate pain relief – guaranteed.

What authority says the Back Bubble™ works?

The Back Bubble™ has been helping back pain sufferers for over 30 years, and with proven results, the Back Bubble is registered with the Department of Health and Human Services. The Back Bubble™ has also earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can read the 5 Star Reviews on Amazon for yourself to see how much people love the Back Bubble™.

How do you assemble the Back Bubble™?

The Back Bubble™ comes out of the package fully assembled. Just inflate by blowing into the valve tip then adjust the air for your own comfort needs. The EZ Hanger sets up in just a few minutes by following the simple step by step instructions.

How often and when should I use the Back Bubble™?

The Back Bubble™ can be used as often as you like, but gradually build the length of time you are in the Back Bubble™ and the number of times per day you use it. Start with a time frame of about 2 to 3 minutes and 2 or 3 times daily.

The best time to use the Back Bubble™ is right before you lie down for the night. This allows for more fluids flowing through you back- your body’s healing mechanism. However, you can use the Back Bubble™: Morning, Noon, or Night. The more you use The Back Bubble™ the faster it works and the longer lasting the relief.

What are the guarantees with the Back Bubble™?

The Back Bubble™ comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

What kind of instructions come with the Back Bubble™?

The instructional video and 4 color instruction guide provide easy to follow instructions to maximize your positive results with the Back Bubble™.

What makes the Back Bubble™ unique to other decompression devices and inversion tables?

The Back Bubble™ has been successfully relieving back pain in hundreds of thousands of people for over 30 years. There’s nothing else like it! What makes it different is:

  • The Back Bubble™ relieves the pain in seconds: Guaranteed!
  • The Back Bubble™ can pinpoint the stretch exactly where you position it!
  • The Back Bubble™ can stretch you in all the directions your spine moves!
  • The Back Bubble™ naturally aligns your lower back.
  • The Back Bubble™ is multi-positional: You can use it Upright, Inverted, or any which way that pinpoints your pain.
  • The Back Bubble™ deflates to 5 pound package for easy portability.
  • The Back Bubble™ allows you to quickly increase or decrease the stretch.
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